Bao Web Development

Career Objective

The next decade of technological advancement will bear witness to an explosion in the pervasiveness of computing devices. This will require evolution in the way those devices devices integrate with our daily lives. It is my goal to develop intelligent systems to help improve our daily lives and processes. I believe my experience in software engineering and my keen sense for interface design, data analysis, and entrepreneurial spirit will be great aids in the pursuit of these goals.

Educational Objective

It is when we are lost that we fall back upon our experiences to guide us. Education forms the fundamental building blocks that we use to express our experiences. So, when new problems arise we often fall back upon our education to solve them. My goal is to be able to analyze a wide breadth of technical knowledge to better diagnose and resolve problems. I believe a basic understanding of hardware and software, high level and low level, forms a stable platform from which to conduct further research, whereas a narrow view often limits insight and creativity. I also believe a basic understanding of business is indispensable in spotting opportunities.