Bao Web Development

Developer at Maverick Software Consulting

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At Maverick Software Consulting I worked individually and in groups on enterprise IT applications. One particular application was an environmental monitoring tool for Thomson Reuters' Westlaw service. The application allowed for numerous configurable views of the application. At any moment there were multiple plasma screens throughout the office displaying various statistics pertaining to Westlaw.

My part time at Maverick forced me to juggle simultaneous projects while managing a full time class schedule. Those pressures forged my project and time management abilities. In addition, the suite of Microsoft technologies and the enterprise environment I was exposed to was invaluable. It gave me an opportunity to design and implement using industrial grade tools in a live environment.

Intern at the Schneider Corporation

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As an intern at the Schneider Corporation I was responsible for responding to support requests from remote clients. Requests ranged from questions regarding the GIS application, beacon, to bug resolution, to features request and implementation. I also aided in setting up and recording a GIS conference to showcase the value of GIS technologies to local governments.

My time at the Schneider Corporation exposed me to a medium sized business environment. Customer service was of highest priority because it meant repeat sales. It was also important to efficiently deliver value because resources were tight during the time period leading up to the Great Recession. It showed me that even an intern's job had an impact because clients appreciated the extra attention devoted to solving their problems or increasing their productivity through fast responses or intuitive solutions.

Webmaster at the Schnable Laboratory

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During my time at the Schnable Laboratory I was responsible for researching, designing, and implementing websites to disseminate research data. I also revised existing project websites to improve UI and workflow.

While at the Schnable Laboratory I was exposed to a very academic work environment. My supervisor encouraged me to look for ways to improve the usability of project websites and to promote what the lab was doing through cross site advertisements. I came into this job straight from high school and it provided me with the springboard I needed dive into the web development industry.

2006 Lab Group
Schnable Lab personnel during 2006.