Bao Web Development

Cloud Reader: An Azure Application

The Windows Azure platform offers a flexible environment for developers to create cloud applications and services. However the process of creating cloud applications and migrating existing services to the cloud is still a relatively young field. Our project is to create a challenging demo application that is developed in a traditional manner and then attempt to migrate the application to the Windows Azure Platform while documenting the issues and resolutions we encounter in the process.

The Azure Platform
A diagram depicting Azure's role; straight from Microsoft's website.

System Design Considerations

Our project is to create a reader application that supports user configurable search agents. Users can specify who, what, when, and where to search. Below is a picture of the whiteboard (the whiteboard is where the real work gets done).

The Whiteboard
A sketch of the system during the design process.

The project is still under development and more info can be found at the project website.